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Acceptable Uses Policy (AUP)  See IEEE Policy

UN-ACCEPTABLE USES (partial list)

Illegal Material
Do not send e-mail that contains any information that is illegal (e.g., copyright violations, trade secrets, and obscene material), harassing or threatening. Additionally, be aware that the transit of material into, or through, other countries may be required to comply with the law in that country. In some cases, this may include the transmission of encrypted messages

Chain Letters, Pyramid Selling, and Multi-Level Marketing Schemes
These are similar to the paper and mail-based letters that make these claims. Typical abuse of this sort includes the "Make Money Quick" scams. These not only waste resources, they are illegal in certain countries and may render the poster liable to prosecution.

Unsolicited External Commercial E-mail
Unsolicited external commercial e-mail, commonly referred to as spam, is advertising material sent without the recipient either requesting or denying receipt of such information or otherwise expressing an interest in the material advertised. Since many Internet users use a dial-up connection and pay for their online time, receipt of unsolicited external commercial advertising costs them money and is particularly unwelcome.

Using @computer.org mailing list aliases for the purpose of promoting an election campaign is forbidden.

Confidential Material
It is inappropriate to send confidential information via e-mail since e-mail is not private and it can be read by anyone with the proper tools.

Unrequested Binary Messages
The majority of e-mail users are not able to select messages based on size and therefore such e-mails result in a significant waste of resources.

Forged Headers and/or Addresses
It is a grave abuse of the e-mail system if a message is sent that implies the sender can be contacted at an e-mail, postal, or fax address that is not under the direct control of the sender.

Electronic Mail Bombing
Electronic mail bombing is sending multiple e-mail messages, or one or more large e-mail messages, with the sole intent of annoying and/or seeking revenge on a fellow Internet user.

Resale or Commercial Use of Service
Your right to use the Service is personal to you. You may not allow any third person to use the Service. You may not resell or make any commercial use of the Service.

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